The Benefits of Regular Michigan Factory Cleaning Services

The Benefits of Regular Michigan Factory Cleaning Services

Keeping workspaces clean is essential to any Michigan company, especially in a facotry or distribution facility where dust, dirt, grime, and debris can easily get out of hand quickly. Regular factory cleaning services Michigan can prevent the build-up of dust and debris on equipment and machinery which can reduce operational efficiency and lead to downtime. 

A clean, clutter-free Michigan factory can help increase productivity by making it easier for workers to quickly find supplies and equipment and maintain more precise inventory levels. In addition, a dirty or cluttered factory not only takes away from efficiency operations but can also present health and safety risks for staff. Trip hazards, liquid spills, and no needed clutter are just some of the hazards that can affect staff safety. A factory should be a clean and risk-free work zone.

When it comes to Michigan factory cleaning, many Michigan commercial cleaning companies will offer it in list of services, but few actually specialize in factory cleaning, which requires specific training and skills. The warehouse cleaning process typically involves the thorough cleaning of facility floors, restrooms, rafters, high ceilings, lights, loading docks, heavy equipment, office spaces, breakrooms, receiving areas, and high traffic areas.

It’s important that industrial cleaning companies in Michigan understand the requirements specific to a warehouse environment. They need to be trained on how to effectively clean a facility without damaging, moving, or losing inventory, or disrupting the productivity flow of a business.

Factory floors

With the typical around-the-clock nature of Michigan factorys, it can often be hard to give your floors the attention they deserve. Yet with a lot of daily wear and tear, warehouse floor cleaning should be a high priority. From accidently spills to tire marks to dust and debris, a factory floor can become a dangerous hazard. It is highly important that floors kept slip-free and danger-free. Experienced factory cleaners have the knowledge to clean and maintain all different types of flooring such as concrete, stone, tile, rubber, carpet, and other types. A business that prides itself on a clean commercial facility needs regular floor cleaning.

Staff bathrooms

Making cartain that factory bathrooms are clean is just as important as the main warehouse itself. In addition, keeping facility toilets, sinks, and touch surfaces regularly cleaned and sanitized is crucial to employee health and safety and overall warehouse hygiene.

A reputable industrial cleaning service will be experienced in bathroom tile cleaning and scrubbing, porcelain toilet and sink decontamination, urinal descaling, and counter, touch surfaces, and door handle sanitization so that factory bathrooms are always clean and sanitary.

Cleaning hard-to-reach areas

High and hard-to-reach areas in a factory are just as important as the lower lying area. Ceilings, high shelves, and windows are the perfect place for dust, dirt, grime, residue, and particulates to accumulate as well as fall down on surfaces below. Depending on the type of facility, cleaning is essential to facilities that produce Michigan combustible dust.

Employer responsibilities

Regular cleaning and maintenance of a business’s factory should be an important part of a companys’ safety practices. Under OSHA law, employers have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace. In addition, essential employer responsibilities include providing a workplace free from serious, recognized hazards and comply with standards, rules, and regulations issued under the OSH Act.

This could include controlling risks to slip and fall accidents, falling objects from shelves and racks, unsafe machinery and equipment, other potential work-related incidents.  

A clean, well-organized factory encourages a positive workplace enviroment, increased efficiency, staff health and safety, and fewer accidents. Also, regular factory cleaning services Michigan will eliminate a large amount of stress and keep your staff happier.

Factory cleaning services Michigan

A factory cleaning program should be specifically created for the exact facility type, as well as the nature of the business’ storage operations. It often involves flexible scheduling, particularly for facilities that operate around the clock.

Daily Facility Services provides industrial cleaning Michigan for spaces of all size and purpose including warehouse storage facilities, manufacturing plants, shipping and distribution centers, and food prep and food-grade warehousing facilities. We provide the following factory cleaning services Michigan:  

  • General cleaning and housekeeping
  • Sweeping
  • Degreasing
  • Power washing
  • Floor cleaning and maintenance care
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning
  • HVAC and ventilation cleaning
  • Cleaning dirt and dust from rafters
  • Office, bathroom, kitchen, break room cleaning
  • Special research room cleaning
  • Assembly line cleaning
  • Supply room cleaning
  • Detailed elevator cleaning

Our team of highly trained and safety conscious staff keeps the particular needs of each facility at the core of our service plan. We understand that your needs will be different, depending on the industry your warehouse serves. We clean and get out of your way. Our professional cleaners are trained to provide thorough industrial cleaning Michigan without interrupting the daily operations of your Michigan company