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Daily Facility Services is the most advanced dry ice blast cleaning Detroit service available. This amazing technology uses dry ice to safely clean a surface contaminant. When the dry ice pellet hits the surface, the dry ice evaporates leaving only the contaminate behind. It’s extremely green and clean! Daily Facility Services is an environmentally friendly and cost effective cleaning method that can be used in a variety of applications and industries. Daily Facility Services has years of experience in mold and soot remediation using specialized Dry ice blasting Detroit techniques. Most often we are removing mold in attics and crawlspaces or soot from fire damaged homes.



Ice blasting Detroit is similar to sand blasting and soda blasting in that media is accelerated through a nozzle via compressed air. The dry ice pellets explodes on contact with the undesirable substance and removes it without damaging the substrate what so ever. Our dry ice blast cleaning Detroit methods allow us to safely and efficiently remove mold and soot without damaging wood sheathing, framing, plumbing or electronics. 95% of the time, we are able to blast items in place and without disassembly. The blasting process also eliminates the use of other potentially harmful contaminants or chemicals that other methods leave behind. Therefore, dry ice blasting Detroit can be performed in food industry settings and other production areas where sanitization is necessary. Detroit dry ice blasting is absolutely perfect for production environments, where time is money. We can dry ice blast production equipment without worrying about electrical components and is non-flammable.



Many are turning to Dry Ice Blasting Detroit over soda blasting, plastic pellet blasting and sandblasting as they can pit and damage surfaces, and it’s more effective and a deeper cleaning than than all of these. It's easy to clean up, extremely environmentally friendly and only second to Dry Ice Blasting Detroit in effectiveness. It's first in easy clean-up, as all of them leave water or media behind to clean up. With Dry Ice, it evaporates, leaving only the contaminant you just cleaned off left behind.


The process looks similar to pressure washing you use in a self-service car wash. But with dry ice blasting Detroit, solid carbon dioxide (CO2) is the cleansing medium, not water.


  • Compressed air accelerates frozen CO2 in a pellet or delicate, shaved form through the hose and nozzle at a high velocity
  • As the frozen CO2 impacts the contaminant, it instantaneously changes from a solid to a gas in a process called sublimation
  • During sublimation, dry ice expands nearly 800 times in a few milliseconds, causing micro-explosions. The resulting microcracking causes the contaminant to embrittle and shrink, breaking the bond between the surface and the contaminant
  • This process effectively removes residues, contaminants, dirt, oil, paint, grime, and more without damage to the surface and without water


Most importantly, dry ice blasting Detroit requires no chemicals, and it leaves no secondary waste that costs money to dispose of. It is a faster and safer cleaning alternative that is environmentally responsible and approved by the EPA, FDA, and USDA.

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Why Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Detroit Is The Best Solution

Dry ice blasting Detroit utilizes a unique combination of forces to powerfully lift surface contaminates without causing damage or creating harmful secondary waste. Similar to sand blasting, bead blasting, and soda blasting, dry ice cleaning prepares and cleans surfaces using a medium accelerated in a pressurized air stream. But that’s where the similarity ends.


Abrasive blasting, such as sandblasting, can damage surfaces and requires a significant amount of time for cleanup. Power washing spreads dirty water everywhere, and can damage equipment and electronics. Dry ice blast cleaning Detroit creates no secondary waste because the CO2 blast media sublimates on impact, and it is safe to use on most electronics. CO2 cleaning is also a form of non-abrasive cleaning, which will keep the surfaces being cleaned from getting damaged during the cleaning process.

Replaces Sandblasting and Sodablasting

Sandblasting and bead blasting are highly abrasive, and can damage the material you want to clean.  Therefore, when you are done sandblasting they are left to be cleaned up and become an additional expense.  Not only will dry ice not harm the material you want clean, but there is no additional secondary waste expenses.

Replaces Steam or Water Blasting

Detroit Dry ice blasting Machines are also an improvement over steam and water blasting for several reasons:


  • Dry ice is non-conductive, allowing you to put newly cleaned materials immediately back into service, reducing equipment down-time.
  • When cleaning mold, you do not want to add water to the process, as water is the ‘ignition’ for mold growth.
  • Dry ice blasting removes more algae, sea slime, and mussels on boat hulls, than water blasting, which allows the organic matter to reattach sooner.

Replaces Environmentally Damaging Solvents

Detroit commercial dry ice blast cleaning is used in place of environmentally damaging solvents. These toxic chemicals not only have to have additional and costly protocols in place. Since dry ice evaporates completely as a gas it leaves no secondary wastes. Only the material being removed must be disposed of. When Detroit commercial dry ice blasting replaces hazardous chemical cleaners the disposal cost of that chemical is eliminated.

Utilzing The Latest Equipment

Dry Ice Blasting Detroit involves propelling pellets of dry ice at extremely high speeds at an object for cleaning. The actual pellets are quite soft and much less dense than other media used in blasting cleaning. Upon impact, the pellet heats and becomes its gaseous form producing minimal abrasion. This process produces thermal shock which shears off the top layer and the dirt or contaminant flakes off. The efficiency and effectiveness of this process depends on the thermal conductivity of the contaminate. The rapid change from solid to gas also causes microscopic shock waves which are also thought to assist in removing contaminant. 


The Detroit Dry Ice Blasting Technology is an efficient and thorough method to clean equipment or surfaces without chemical residues. It has been used for years in a wide variety of industrial sectors and is why we use dry ice blasting so often!

  • Manufacturing Applications:

    Sanitary cleaning of food processing & production equipment

  • Weld cell cleaning, including robots & other equipment

  • Production equipment

  • Automotive parts

  • Core boxes, aluminum molds

  • Paint booths

  • Foundries

  • Ventilation systems

  • Meat processing plants

  • Rubber & plastic molding machines

  • Rubber curing equipment

  • Removal of inks from commercial printing presses

  • Bottling industry

  • Computer chip industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Packaging equipment

  • Small Business & Residential Applications:

    Restaurants – grills, ovens & vents

  • Residential cleaning - including homes, public parks, restrooms, etc.

  • Mold remediation

  •  Fire restoration

  • Historical restoration

  • Wood finishing and restoration

  • Automotive repair & service centers

  • Graffiti removal for DOT, Government, Commercial (railcars, bridges, signs, buildings)

  • Historical restoration

  • Asphalt & concrete trucks

  • Cemeteries and monuments

  • Accident and crime scene clean-up

  • Wine Barrels

Save Time And Money With Detroit Dry Ice Blasting

Taking days off for downtime for cleaning inevitably costs you time and money. With disassembly, cleaning, clean up and reassembly, the Detroit industrial cleaning process can drag on and on.


Stop using inconvenient cleaning methods that take time away from production. Give your equipment an incredibly thorough cleaning without the hassle of more traditional cleaning methods. With dry ice blasting, you get back to work faster!


    Dry ice blasting Detroit machines have the capability to clean in all the nooks and crannies other machines can’t reach, which means you might not have to disassemble your equipment


    Since the dry ice turns back into gas on impact, there’s no secondary waste to clean up with ice blasting Detroit.


    Get the heavy duty elbow grease you need that’s strong enough to give you that industrial grade cleaning without damaging what’s underneath!

Benefits of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Detroit

  • No blasting media to clean-up.
    Kills organic contaminants by temperature shock.
  • Is non-abrasive, nonflammable and nonconductive.
  • Environmentally-friendly: contains no secondary contaminants such as solvents.
  • Clean and approved for use in the food industry.
  • Allows most items to be cleaned in place without time-consuming disassembly.
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What makes dry ice blasting Detroit different?

When you choose the experts for your next cleaning job, you’ll have a plan that’s easy to follow that delivers the results you deserve.


  • Boost your production. Machines serviced with a meticulous dry ice cleaning Detroit perform better and function more efficiently than dirty machines.
  • Increase Your Efficiency. Decrease delays in production due to slow or malfunctioning machinery.
  • Safety. Improve the safety of your employees and your facility.
  • Prolong Lifespan Equipment. Dry ice blasting doesn’t leave wet residue so mold can’t grow and rust won’t develop.
  • Environmentally Friendly Solutions. Deep cleaning with dry ice is even suitable for food grade machinery and can help remove dangerous mold.

Dry Ice Blasting Detroit Services You Can COunt On

Daily Facility Services provides environmentally friendly industrial cleaning services to customers in Detroit and beyond. We offer a variety of services to make cleaning and restoring easier and safer. With many years of experience, you can count on a professional and fairly priced experience with Daily Facility Services.

Why Work WIth Daily Facility services

All our dry ice blasting Detroit units are completely portable and self-contained. This allows us to access almost any area without using any of your utilities. In addition, our staff is certified in confined space and OSHA certified. Also, we are experts in containment, this allows us to blast near production areas.


Daily Facility Services always does a superior job on surface preparation jobs, especially those being prepd for painting. Coatings can be applied immediately after dry ice blasting Detroit the surface because it is completely dry and clean. All microorganism, oils, dirt, are removed and you are left with cleanest possible surface for applying a coating. Most importantly, because Dry Ice blasting Detroit is very experienced in all aspect of industrial work, we are the best company to call for any dry ice blast cleaning in Detroit!

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