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For a manufacturing plant, a warehouse or any other kind of industrial facility, finding a good industrial cleaning service provider is important to maintain the facility in optimal shape so that production continues in a well organized manner. The same is true for a construction company, hiring post construction cleaning services in Detroit that maintains a construction site clean for the next phase of construction.



Detroit Industrial building cleaning is not the same as residential or office cleaning because a Detroit manufacturing plant contains mechanical equipment that can include holding tanks, blenders, bins, hoppers, vacuum systems and tanks with agitators and several others. This kind of equipment and facility requires a industrial cleaning services Detroit company that knows exactly how to clean this type of Detroit manufacturing facility. In addition, special chemicals, equipment, and processes, such as dry ice blasting Detroit, are often utilized in Detroit industrial cleaning services. This requires qualified, trained, and highly knowledgeable people to perform these services.

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Our highly diversified industrial cleaning services in Detroit are relevant to a wide array of clients’ needs and allows clients to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


As the top-rated provider of integrated, technology-based Detroit industrial cleaning, and facility management services in the United States, Daily Facility Services helps enhance operational efficiencies, improving reliability and reducing costs. In addition, our highly qualified and thoroughly trained staff members immediately respond to your companies’ specific needs, delivering services with the highest ethical standards and always committed to safety.


Request a free no-obligation estimate today and allow our experts use their technological resources to improve your Detroit industrial cleaning, and facility management processes.




Detroit preventative maintenance for your manufacturing facility helps reduce defects, major breakdowns and facility downtime. Determining the best methods, technology to use, along with timing requires experienced professional like us. DFS develops solutions and executes strategies with you for the best possible results and production efficiency. We help you manage the transition back to full processing with minimal interruption.

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Safety Is Premier

Daily Facility Services is fully committed to our Safety, Health and Environmental Program.  In addition, we always completely follow all applicable federal, state and local safety, health and environmental regulations, as well as highly valued Detroit customer mandates, to maintain standards that equal or exceed industry best practices. 


We 100% understand that programs, systems and performance are only as good as the people on the team.  Our personnel safety is crucial no matter what the project is or where it is located. This is why we take an innovative and comprehensive approach to safety, including development of robust health & safety plans, as well as rigorous oversight and monitoring of all aspects of the job site. Daily Facility Services is extremely happy and honored to consistently rank amongst the safest industrial cleaning companies in Detroit.

Our Most Common Detroit Industrial Cleaning Services

We provide our customers with a comprehensive list of professional Detroit industrial & facility cleaning services.  In addition, our team of top rated industry professionals are there when you need them, spotting opportunities for positive change, preventing potential problems before they occur and addressing challenges as they occur.  Below are a few of the many services we provide.


Our personnel are the absolute best blasters in the United States and are able to handle any type of cleaning.

PaintBooth Cleaning

DFS is one of the most achieved service providers for automotive manufacturing support..

Tank Cleaning

Daily Facility Services commonly cleans tanks of a variety of sizes, we can handle any industrial tank cleaning Detroit job..

Dry ICe Blasting

Daily Facility Services is the top rated dry ice blasting Detroit company and completes 100's of projects yearly..

High Ceiling Cleaning

Daily Facility Services provides high ceiling cleaning Detroit services for any size or type of project...

Factory Cleaning

Normal daily processes in any Michigan factory environment can create a large amount of dust and residue..

Chemical Cleaning

Daily Facility Services provides an extensive range of chemical cleaning and treatment services to industrial...

Silo Cleaning

Periodic industrial silo cleaning Michigan is important for several reasons including, but not limited to..

Combustible Dust

Daily Facility Services specializes in combustible dust cleaning Michigan, our highly trained staff are able...

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Daily Facility Services provides Detroit industrial cleaning, facility management, and environmental services that are tailored to your company’s unique needs. Ranging from planned preventative maintenance and shutdowns to emergency response and spills, our team of Detroit industrial cleaning professionals create an action plan to not only meet but exceed your company’s expectations.


Daily Facility Services is a well-managed industrial solutions company whose focus core of business is made up of technology driven, industrial solutions design for our clients specific needs to help them prosper in today’s competitive market. Our highly trained company of industrial cleaning Detroit experts are committed to providing the highest level of services at the most affordable rates.

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