High Ceiling Cleaning Services Near Me Michigan

High Ceiling Cleaning Services Near Me Michigan

If you are searching for High Ceiling Cleaning Services Near Me Michigan, we have some important things for you to consider before selecting a company to do the work. All Michigan Ceilings inside factories, warehouses, shopping centers, airports, and other commercial and industrial buildings attract dust and other foreign object debris. Unless you spend time up in the ceiling rafters you do not see the buildup. In addition, you do not notice the dust build up until it starts falling into your Michigan manufacturing area creating defects. Even the best-kept facilities build up dust and grime over time that finds its way to the ceiling.

More than unsightly, dirty ceilings contribute to safety, health, and fire hazards. In any commercial facility, clean ceilings improve light reflectivity, which enhances plant safety, boosts employee morale, and even saves energy. In some industries such as food and beverage industries they can result in failed FDA and USDA inspections and 3rd party food chain audits. A professional industrial cleaning Michigan team can help you maintain the highest standards and comply with strict regulations that govern your company, including OSHA and NFPA guidelines for Michigan commercial or Michigan industrial facilities. Some of the most significant concerns of owners/operators are:

OSHA Fines Due To Poor Housekeeping

Making sure efficient combustible dust cleaning is occuring for safe and healthy workplace, eqivaltes to compling with OSHA housekeeping regulations. Combustible dust Michigan is a proven danger for any industry with enclosed workspaces. OSHA fines can start in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for facilities found out of compliance with their regulations. Industrial cleaning services Michigan fines can exceed a million dollars for larger facilities with poor housekeeping procedures.

Watching For Michigan Combustible Dust

Dust can accumulate in many areas of your facility. In addition, ll facilities should conduct an audit periodically to evaluate the potential for combustible dust build-up. Most importantly, deep cleaning your workplace for dust more than once a year. Encourage employees to keep a watchful eye on dust buildup and to report it immediately.

Controling Flammable Elements

The three necessary elements needed to make fire are heat, oxygen, and fuel, which in this instance would be dust. Volatile dust can develop from many sources like plastics, grain, bulk food products, carbon, coal, wood, etc. Combustible dust can also be byproducts from grinding, crushing, conveying, screening, and sanding. Michigan combustible dust can also accumulate in specific areas of your facility such as receiving areas for raw material, particular production areas, maintenance, and boxing areas. In addition, combustible dust can be managed using procedural methods such as deep cleaning, vacuum recovery cleaning, and removing compressed air from the routine clean-up procedures.

Remove Combustible Dust from Your Michigan Facility

A collection of dust and debris in your Michigan industrial facility is a huge safety concern. Several manufacturing processes create combustible dust that heightens your risk of fires and even explosions. Even materials that may seem harmless can create flammable dust. In addition, the best solution to handling the risk of combustible dust is Michigan high ceiling cleaning from a reputable Michigan industrial cleaner. Most importantly, we will guarantee all dust and dirt is removed from the overhead areas of your business, helping you keep your space safe for everyone.

Keep Your Staff Healthy

Dirt, dust, and other airborne particles can significantly lower the quality of your indoor air. Also, these harmful particles get circulated through your Michigan business through the HVAC system, meaning anyone can encounter contact them. In addition, allowing these particles to rest on your overhead systems, lighting, or pipes creates the opportunity for them to contaminate your product or even infect your staff. In addition, poor air quality can lead to unhealthy employees, and that means more sick time, less efficiency, and slower production times. Investing in a cleaner facility will help keep your staff healthy, allowing you to stay on your production schedule. Let Daily Facility Services assist you in keeping your business clean for everyone.


Regardless of the height or size of your Michigan high ceiling are, we have a variety of methods to clean and maintain them. Our teams are experienced in all types of high dusting and ceiling cleaning, including combustible dust, oil and grease, and chemicals and have help many owners looking for High Ceiling Cleaning Services Near Me Michigan.

We use the most effective cleaning methods depending on the condition and nature of the build-up. After covering machinery, shelving, and anything else below, we tackle High ceiling cleaning Michigan jobs as needed.

  • Task specific explosion-proof vacuums and filters for Michigan combustible dust.
  • Dust blow-downs utilizing high pressure air.
  • Degreasing and Michigan chemical cleaning
  • Manual cleaning with tailored equipment
  • Michigan dry ice blasting for heavily soiled ceilings.

Utilzing the correct high ceiling cleaning in Michigan solution and equipment allows us to work quickly and effectively to significantly reduce disruption. In addition, our personnel are highly-trained and certified in Michigan high ceiling work functions like man lift operations and working in confined spaces. Most importantly, we can work around your production schedule, even including overnights, weekends, and plant shutdown periods.

Responsive, Competitive, and Efficient

OSHA mandates the safe removal of Michigan combustible dust from rafters, girders, pipes, and all other types of overhead fixtures. In addition, Michigan combustible dust can include sawdust, plastic, rubber, coal, sugars, grains, paper, textiles metals and other materials that become flammable when agitated. Our team of professionals at DFS avoids sparks by utilizing approved explosion-proof vacuum systems to remove this material safely from ceilings and walls.

Daily Facility Services provides free no-obligation estimates for any project type. After you contact us, we will arrange an initial on-site visit and listen to your business’s specific needs. Our highly trained staff will create a custom plan of attack to meet your needs and make the entire process stress free.