Daily Facility Services’ dry ice blasting services increases Michigan industrial printing equipment’s overall productivity and performance. This is a much needed when a machine’s gears and deck guides have ink build up. If you ignore the problem, it can cause poor alignment and start affecting the printing results. Our dry ice blasting Michigan services will increase your quality and minimize your defect or scrap rate. In addition, our team of highly trained experts can handle any size Michigan Industrial Printing Equipment Cleaning project, big or small. 



Our Michigan industrial printing equipment cleaning service utilizes dry ice blasting instead of dangerous cleaning chemicals, scrapers, chisels, and emery cloths. In addition, our highly trained personnel are capable of completing your job while keeping all of your equipment online and intact. Most importantly, there is absolutely no need for us to take apart the printing press itself, which drastically reduces the overall time it takes to complete your job.

DFS's Dry Ice Blasting Services are effective on:

  • Anilox Rolls
  • Drums
  • Feeder / Delivery Units
  • Flexography Gravure Presses
  • Gears and Deck Guides
  • Grippers / Rollers/ Durst Transport Belts
  • Ink Trays
  • Side Walls

Michigan Dry Ice Blasting. A Great choice for Printing Equipment Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning Michigan allows precision cleaning with reduced downtime for the printing industry. Dry ice blasting Michigan, utilizes C02 in liquid frozen form, it is then delivered at high pressure in a vapor form that is in cleaning industrial printing equipment Michigan. In addition, this procedure enhances the performance of equipment and increased production. Daily Facility Services dry ice blasting systems allow lengthy cleaning processes to be shortened by on-line precision cleaning.Ink buildup on the gears and deck guides causes poor alignment and results in low print quality and high scrap rates.



Ice blasting Michigan can lower or in some instances eliminate low quality and high scrap rates. In several Michigan printing plants, the cleaning of the side frames and print deck mechanism is typically avoided until there is no other options available. Normally, several hours are invested on each color station to scrape and wipe the importantl surfaces. With today’s modern industrial printing equipment Michigan having six to eight color decks, cleaning downtime can easily add up to several thousands of dollars of lost production per cleaning cycle. When utilzing our Michigan dry ice blasting process, due to the cylinders being easily removable provide easy access to all surfaces, both sides of the deck can be cleaned in as little as 10-15 minutes before going back into production. Also, dried out drip pans and fountains can easily be cleaned as well.

Printing Presses & Rollers

Several types of Michigan industrial printing press rollers are easier to clean while in place with Michigan dry ice blasting. Dry ice blasting Michigan effectively and safely removes buildups that could create serious registration problems and misalignment of rollers in Michigan printing processes. Most importantly, there are no solvents utilized with dry ice cleaning so secondary disposal and waste management are almost completely eliminated. Michigan ice blasting can be completed with the rollers in place without disassembling the industrial printing equipment and with less chance of damage to the rollers.


Michigan dry ice blasting is the perfect solution for removing caked inks and coatings on industrial printing press rollers. Several industrial printing coating types are not soluble after drying; dry ice blasting solves that problem because it is a dry ice blast cleaning Michigan procedure.

Ink Trays & Bars

Dry ice blasting Michigan is the perfect solution for cleaning Michigan ink trays effectiently removing hardened ink and coatings that could be resistant to any chemical cleaning solvent. The shape and fit of the trays are not altered by dry ice blasting Michigan. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, leaving behind a smooth surface.

Expert Printing Press Equipment Cleaning Michigan

There are several applications to this process in the Packaging industry. It is efficient in cleaning packaging processes such as ink-jet processes and printing. There are many advantages to Dry Ice Blasting in this industry. The process is fast and efficient and can get the hard-to-reach areas that other cleaning methods simply cannot. In addition, one significant advantage is time efficiency. Also, unlike the normal and traditional cleaning processes, there is no need to disassembling the industrial printing equipment. So, there is far less downtime and no need to shut down and dismantle assembly lines. Another huge advantage is the fact that Dry Ice Blasting Michigan does not introduce water, which can greatly interfere with electrical systems, or any type of secondary waste to clean up afterwards, resulting in a more time and cost-efficient procedures.

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